– Friendly Chit Chats –
I love hearing from my readers and fellow bloggers.  Wanna chat or have a question about a recent project?  Email me at homestylereport {at} gmail {dot} com.
– Advertising –
Looking to advertise or promote a product or service?  HSR would love to help advance the reach of your brand or blog.  If you feel we would make good partners contact me at homestylereport {at} gmail {dot} com.
– Giveaways & Product Reviews –
Want me to review your product or service?  Sweet!  I do not charge to host a give away or provide a product review.  All reviews will be written by me, in my own wording, and will portray my honest thoughts on the product or service.  If your product is something I consider to be super stellar I may ask you to provide two – one for me to review and one for my readers in the form of a giveaway.
If you’re interested in working with HSR for a product review or giveaway please email me at homestylereport {at} gmail {dot} com with “GIVEAWAY” or “PRODUCT REVIEW” as the subject.
**Disclaimer – I reserve the rights to all final decisions regarding the brands that I work with.  I do ask that they fit the blog aesthetic and are something I feel will bring value to my readers.  I am looking to partner with brands that I believe in and love.  
Have a great day!