I’ve been going a little bit crazy with painting over the past month or two.  I feel like I’ve finally hit a groove with a design/look that can be carried throughout our whole house and I’m eager to see it carried out.
We’ve owned our house for almost three years now and it’s seen its fair share of poor color choices.  I’m slightly ashamed to say that we had every room a different color at one point.  I suppose that’s what a pent-up desire to work on your own home will do to a girl.
After a lot of evaluating and being honest with myself about the fact that I just am a “neutrals” girl, these are the colors we/I have settled on.  We’re finding that fewer colors work better in our home since we lack an open floor plan.  It’s also a lot more cohesive and simplified.
Our entire first floor will be painted Quill, by Olympic, which actually reads a bit more gray in person than the sample above.  Our stairwell leading to the second floor and my closet/landing area is Best by Ace Paint color matched in Clark & Kensington. The last two rooms are the master bed & bath which will be painted with Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White.
We’re only three rooms and a chalkboard wall away!  The only downside (which I literally just realized as I’m writing this) is that they are the three largest rooms in our house.  Oh well, I’m still freakishly excited to wrap up this painting project!
If you have any doubt you can contact us here.

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